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If you know me, you know I have a thing for organic foods. I found the “eko store” today. Göteborg’s local organic grocery. It’s quite small and has a few essentials, but not sure it will be a must-visit like the farmers market was back home. So far though, its the only place I’ve found nuts and seeds and non-junk dark chocolates. I don’t like the grocery stores here, they are small and look ghetto from the outside. Inside they are OK but selection is limited.

I guess they are small because they seem to serve mainly the community in which one lives; it’s not like there’s one grand Publix or Kroger where everyone goes. But, I will continue looking. Living as a bachelor who ate the same thing  all day, every day, E isn’t exactly well-versed in locating grocery stores. I did see some groceries at the big IKEA, but I don’t want to have to trek out there regularly. And, until I investigate whether the Swedish food supply chain is as disgusting as that in America, I won’t worry so much about the organics. And I hope I won’t have to.