Helmutt and Jessie. Oh yeah, and me.

Hi, my name is Helmutt. I’m the one on the left. And my mamma’s name is Jessie, she’s the one on the right. My humamma (human mamma), Sharise is in the middle.

Mom and I are two American dogs making our way as expat pups (expups) in Sweden, and anywhere else we may travel. Since dogs (hundar) have so much freedom in Sweden, and throughout much of Europe, we wanted our packmates back in the States to follow our adventures–and feel the envy. Eat your kibbles out Cydney and Puppet!

You will see more of me, Helmutt because my humamma says I’m such a good boy and can be taken anywhere, while my mamma , Jessie, is something she calls a “lunatic” and needs more socialization training.


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