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So, finally did something today I’ve been wanting to do, but was also dreading. I went shopping for makeup. In the interest of luggage space and needing to start a fresh collection anyway, I trashed “all” of mine before leaving home.

Why have I been dreading this womanly right of passage, you might ask? Doesn’t every woman live to shop for makeup and clothes? Not so, my friend. Not so. And those of you  who know me, know I keep my makeup-wearing to a minimum. And even when I doll it up, it’s just the basics. I’m an all natural, jeans and T-shirt kinda girl from Jersey. I am not a cast member of a stupid Jersey show with over-poofed hair and garish makeup. So, I was dreading it for the mere act of having to do it at all.

Second reason is…well, I am a woman of melanin. Swedes are not. Now, in fairness, there is a reasonable African population with a smattering of other color-enhanced cultures here, but by and large, they are not catered to. So, I was wondering what sort of expedition I might have to go on to find the right foundation for my complexion. I had been stalking the familiar counters like L’Oreal, Clarins, Maybelline, etc, but their color palletes stopped short of various versions of pink caramel.

Finally today, I decided to end the individual hunt and had the courage to engage one of the sales ladies and ask for a recommendation. She was admittedly embarrassed that L’Oreal did not have a wider color selection. She said they should, nice whether she meant it or not, I suppose. But she also was professional and tried to deflect my attention toward their mondo-lash mascara and some other products instead.

I asked if she could confidentially recommend a brand that might have more colors. She did. I found them. That girl was lovely as well and managed to sell me 1345 SEK of products. Plus, I wandered over to another self-service brand and managed to spend another 506 SEK. This was my big splurge but I am now ready to be European Fabulous!