A Day in the Park

Posted: 2014/02/27 in Environment, Life in General
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A view from Riegrovy sady

Jessie & Helmet in Riegrovy sady

Well now that I’ve moved over to one of Prague’s largest and most popular parks, every day is a day in the park — and I love it!

Ticking off 30 minutes with the dogs is as easy as, well, a walk in the park (sorry). On this round I finally took notice of this view overlooking the city.

An old man standing at the top appeared to be contemplating the bottom. I wondered what he saw, what he remembered as he looked down on this old, yet somewhat modern city. I wondered; was he thinking of German occupation? Russian occupation? The Velvet Revolution? Or perhaps some more happy memory of a girl he once knew whose smile lit up his heart?

I know for me, this park has worked magic in a very short period of time. I don’t have ancient memories to review as he did, but I am making new ones. And most delightfully, my sense of freedom and creativity are returning. Each day so far, I’ve come up with story ideas from my business blog and today’s much overdue post for Through Expat Eyes.

I’ve also just endured two miserable months at a company where executive management was absolutely terrible. Non-supportive, hyper-critical, and downright mean in some cases, publicly lambasting people in public forums (but never with enough balls to do it to one’s face).

For the first time in weeks I’ve been sleeping through the night and awaking with enthusiasm. I’ve eaten only veg all week, took a run on Wednesday and did a TurboFire workout today. I didn’t plan any of this really, it just sort of happened, but I hope it’s here to stay. I’d gotten quite lazy and then didn’t have time for anything other than work anyway.

While new beginnings can often be stressful, this new flat in a new location and potential for new career moves makes me happy. I’m looking forward to more.



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