Glad Påsk – Happy Easter Visit

Posted: 2012/04/08 in Food & Cooking, Friends
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Today I got to meet a couple of E’s friends. The wife is Swedish-Finnish and the husband Turkish. For their privacy I won’t mention names. We went to visit, not necessarily for Easter, but just because it was a day when the workaholic hubby was going to be home. I felt a little self-conscious that everyone was speaking English (mainly) for my benefit. I asked if they would be speaking Swedish if I weren’t there. The answer was “yes.” But throughout the evening, snippets of conversation occured in Turkish, Swedish and Finnish amongst different pairs of us (or, I should say them).

We literally walked in the door, took off our shoes (as is common here) and sat down at the kicthen table for food. I had no idea we were walking into an instant buffet. Although the meal itself was quite simple; baked chicken drumsticks, salad and rice with a curry sauce, she has now set the bar quite high for when they come to visit us. It’s not that I don’t know how to play hostess; it just isn’t my thing. In nearly 11 years in my own house, I may have had invited guests a maximum of six times, and that includes holidays and special occasions. I don’t mind planned visits, but I don’t like planning to make food, etc. I prefer to have an open kitchen where people can go grab what they want and I’ll provide the homemade margaritas. But, I now have to at least provide one meal in return.

I mentioned my first dish made here was baked eggplant and she said she likes eggplant, so I’m thinking that will be a winning choice when the day comes for me to return the favor.

After the meal, we spent the rest of the evening talking, laughing at her husband who was the butt of too many jokes, and playing backgammon. Wow, I haven’t played that game in years and had to watch a few matches to relearn it. It’s simple enough but I also had to take note of differences in play, such as what happens when you roll doubles. E indulged in ryki, the national alcahol of Turkey, while she and I drank the equivalent of wine coolers. So, no buzz for me but E was entertaining enough for both of us. Her hubby was abstaining for some reason, perhaps the stories of his puking in the kitchen floor after two small glasses of ryki, which he claimed was half a bottle, deterred him from inbibing this time.

As we wrapped up the evening, we said our goodbyes and gave hugs. E and I walked out  into the evening rain and walked to catch our tram. It was a fun day.


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