Fresh Fruit & Funky Fish

Posted: 2012/04/07 in Food & Cooking
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Non-Swedish Bananas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have noticed that produce has a distinctly different ripening process and flavor here. The bananas start out green, but instead of becoming the bright yellow that signals ripeness in America, they take on an unappealing grayish/green-brown color.

However, the fruit inside the skin is still wonderfully fresh and quite tasty. The texture is not mushy and doesn’t elicit the gag reflex after only a few days, like the bananas I’m used to.

Tomatoes we would consider still too hard to eat and would have no flavor at home, are remarkably edible and sweet here. Same goes for the cantaloupe. It seems I’ll have to change my shopping approach a bit to accommodate for this difference. Actually, my whole approach is already changed as I must first make  my list, then translate it to Swedish so I know what to look for, then hunt down the items in the grocery store. So far, it takes about 3x longer than normal. I look forward to getting this down to a science one day.

My dinner today with fried Herring and mashed ...

Fried Herring and mashed potatoes (a meal similar to mine). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I snacked on Sweden’s traditional fish for lunch today; herring. I’m no longer sure why I/we have this idea that Scandinavians eat stinky herring that’s either salted or pickled. This was so-called fried (but not deep fat fried like chicken) with a sweet sauce of some kind. It was in fact, too sweet and not at all the experience of eating herring that I’d expected.

I suppose that experience might only come with  the salted variety. I will try again one day. On another note; Nutella is apparently fabulous worldwide!


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