Through Expat Eyes

Posted: 2012/03/30 in Uncategorized

The plane touches down in Göteborg. I gather my luggage and head out of the terminal. I see Engin waiting to greet me. My feet touch the soil of the outer edges of the city. I am now living life through expat eyes.  The bus has only a few people on it. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Centralstationen, where we transfer to the local tram that takes us directly our new home. I say “our” new home because Engin has just moved in the previous week himself.

My first spring arrival, I am surprised how sunny and warm it is. Mind you, warm in this case is about 7-degrees Celsius. Considering the last time I was here it was about minus 17, this is a heatwave!

I know from prior experience and watching House Hunters International that European accommodations are quite a bit smaller than what Americans are used to, so I plan on not complaining and instead on figuring out how to adapt. Toss in an extra roommate and two dogs, less than 800 sq ft of space, and I see I will be doing lots of adapting.

Not the ideal arrangement but right now, I am too tired from the trip to think about any of it. I immediately introduce myself to the sofa and we spend a couple hours getting to know each other.


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